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“I cannot tell you how incredible Eddie is, both as a Personal Trainer and a person. He helps you to believe in yourself, believe in your goals, and achieve them. He takes the time to get to know you as a person, and genuinely cares, and that’s exactly what you need in a PT, you need someone who really understands you. The sessions are gruelling, but my god it is worth it!”

Chloë Antonia | Actress Represented by Tom Norcliffe

“Edward is the perfect example of a Personal Trainer. He’s committed to your goals and has the knowledge and experience to get you the results you want, as efficiently as possible. Ed not only understands effective exercise but has an excellent understanding of nutrition and what does and doesn’t work in reality. No silly formulas or woo, just solid scientifically backed nutritional advice. You only have to look at the guy’s physique to know he knows what he’s talking about! I loved training with him.”

David Eve | Business Development Manager at Bouygues Travaux Publics

“Eddie is a fantastic trainer, applying his great expertise and knowledge to fit his clients. He makes every effort to understand the people he works with, and to help them enjoy their training. His friendly and easygoing attitude make him a dream to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer.”

Sam Rapp
| Lead Interaction & Visual Designer at Keytree

“Generally I’ve been sceptical regarding PTs, as they can vary in level of training and whether it’s tailored, maintainable, cost effective, etc… However, Eddie completely dispels these concerns – he’s very professional and takes each client’s body and lifestyle into consideration and tailors an entire workout plan which is bespoke to them. This includes nutritional advice which he has extensively studied over the years. To be transparent it will definitely be tough work but Eddies’ clients have shown effective results so I’d highly recommend him as a personal trainer.”

Sharina Aziz
 | Business Development Representative at Amazon

“I must say that Eddie has been nothing but an incredible support system and Personal Trainer to me the last year – his extensive knowledge and passion for his job really shines through and always with a smile on his face! But don’t get me wrong, he pushes you to your limits and really gets you the results you want and you can always ask him for advice whenever you need – he really is a legend!”

Mariah Thomas-Fleming
| Associate Director at LMA Recruitment

“The best at what he does. I’ve been working out with Eddie for just over a year now and I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure. Eddie is more than just a personal trainer, he’s a friend. He’s uplifting, patient, attentive, and always takes your thoughts and goals into account when planning the workout. He is very good about challenging you to beat your current best records. Eddie has also really helped me better understand what working out is all about – now when I go to the gym on my own I actually know what I’m doing and have a clear purpose for my routines. Not only does he keep you motivated through your workout, which is tough enough as is, but also throughout the week. Constantly reminding you to stay focused, eat right, drink water and get in your daily exercise to keep you motivated and on track. I’ve worked with several trainers in the past but none come close to Eddie Norris. Needless to say, I only wish I would have found him sooner!”

Tara Seif El Nasr
| Student at European Business School (EBS) – London

“It’s a real pleasure training with Eddie. He is very professional and knowledgeable and starts by making a thorough assessment and understanding your goals. His monthly programs are designed to achieve those targets but also bring variety and challenge. He is always cheerful – especially when you are in pain! – and is not just a great PT but has also become a friend. I can totally recommend Eddie – definitely the best trainer I have had.”

Neil Wickers
| CEO at Carluccios

“Unlike many other personal trainers, Eddie has a real passion for health and fitness. As we know, training is only half the battle, and the other half is nutrition and diet. Day one Eddie set out a weekly meal plan based on my goals, and reviews that weekly to ensure that it works for my body type and lifestyle. The training programs that he sets (Monthly) are put together on the basis of what I am looking to achieve, and I have already seen significant results in just 3 months of training with Eddie. I recommend him highly for anyone who is looking for more than just a personal trainer.”

Adam Ludwin
| Chief Visionary Officer/Co Founder at Captify

“Gyms can be intimidating places. Fact. And I thought personal trainers were reserved for the rich and famous. But having spent years pounding the pavements, my physical fitness had plateaued. I needed a boost. And so I stepped into Gymbox for my fitness assessment with Eddie. From day one, this guy has been an absolute hero. There with all the advice and support I needed to feel comfortable dancing around a punch bag, lifting in the weights section, running up and down stairs repeatedly, even crawling on my hands and knees behind the treadmills. Every week is something new, and my time with Eddie has far exceeded my expectations of what having a PT would be like. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing, but thanks to this guy, I now realise what my exercise regime has been missing all these years. And as a former fat kid, the compliments I’ve received from families and friends aren’t bad either. I guess the biggest compliment I can pay my man Eddie is the fact we’re getting into month 6 of working out together now – having initially being certain it’d only be 12 sessions over 3 months. What can I say? I’m a convert. Thanks man.”

David Ormondroyd
| Freelance Senior Copywriter at Apple

“It has taken me a while to write this as I couldn’t decide on what to say; mostly as I cannot recommend Eddie enough! Educating me on food, alcohol and fitness Eddie takes the time to break things down into relatable terms that really helped me in achieving my goals. I began this process as someone who had no concept of what foods my body requires to function properly or the exercises that help me to work out efficiently, not excessively. Eddie has given me the tools and direction to change my body and made me FIT; for that I cannot thank him enough. Each month he takes into consideration my feedback from the following months to tailor my plan specifically to me. If there is an exercise I don’t like or can’t do there are always a number of alternatives he can propose. Being prone to clumsiness, and therefore injury, Eddie has always happily run through the alternatives even when put on the spot in the gym. On a personal level Eddie is one of the of kindest people I’ve met and I am happy to now call him a friend. He takes the time to check on my progress or even just see how I’m feeling. It doesn’t feel like he’s in it ‘just for the money’. He’s got a meme for every occasion and his goofiness makes training enjoyable. Eddie is the only personal trainer I have ever recommended, and I do so to family, friends, colleagues or anyone in the gym!”

Sinead Gilmore
| Design Studio Assistant at Made Jewellery

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